If its not already, regular deck maintenance should be a part of your annual maintenance routine. Wear and tear from rough weather, kids and pets playing, and even furniture being moved around, can cause damage and leave your deck looking worn out. Keeping your deck clean and in good condition is the best way to protect it, and make sure it’s safe for your family to enjoy year-round.

No matter the size of your deck, your annual maintenance needs can be tackled in 3 easy steps: Inspect, correct, and protect.

1.Inspect – take time at least once a year to walk your deck and thoroughly inspect all areas. Look for splintered or damaged boards, twisted boards, or areas that are rotted out. Pay special attention to areas where items like grills or furniture are used, and where plants or foliage may come in contact with the wood.

2.Correct – give your deck a quick spray down as needed, and do a thorough deep clean at least once a year. Repair any pieces of wood that may be damaged, and replace carpets or rugs made of natural fibers that can collect moisture and cause rot.

3.Protect – always apply a sealant to your deck after a deep cleaning. You should try to clean it when the weather is dry, and between 65-75 degrees, and the wood should always be totally dry before the sealant is applied. Sealing your deck once a year in the fall will prevent water and freezing damage, and protect your deck from unnecessary wear-and-tear.

To extend the life of your deck, and keep it safe for use year round, there are a few Do’s and Dont’s to stick to.


  • Clean thoroughly at least once a season
  • Deep clean at least once a year
  • Always sand deck before applying a new sealant
  • Inspect regularly and promptly repair any damaged areas


  • Use a pressure washer on your deck too often
  • Use chlorine bleach to clean your deck
  • Use paint as a sealant
  • Use natural-fiber rugs under deck furniture